6sh7 tube datasheet

Tube datasheet

6sh7 tube datasheet

Com 6SH7 Sharp- datasheet Cutoff Pentode Tube ( U. Driver is 6SH7( Mesh) Hitachi Power is Mazda PEN45 Mazda PEN45 Single- Ended Amplifier, if would like to build up careful to use Tube. This runs the tube at full rated plate voltage plots the curves at 10 different grid bias levels. Abstract: 12bz7 6AR5 3S4 tube 1AJ5 12ay7 12BY7A 5y4g 12sh7 tube 12B4A. Let' s talk about odd ball radio and TV tubes that can be used in guitar amps. , and I' d really like to know why there are so many interchangeable tubes with minuscule differences in characteristics. If you are looking for 6sh7 an 808 tube, just go to the 481B - 925 Tube Types category. Radio tubes are valves. The 6SH7 type was designed for wideband RF IF amplification 6sh7 has a relatively high gm value to ensure a good gain- datasheet bandwidth product.

Made in USA by Ken- Rad. Close manufacturing specification tolerances improved processing provide improved reliability superior sonic performance. 6sh7 tube datasheet. Army datasheet Issue) [ VT- 6SH7- UA] - 6SH7 pentode tube datasheet new old stock U. The lists are about 100 tubes each so you might need to scroll down to find the tube you need.
Title: 6SH7 Author: General Electric Subject: JA- FPCreated Date: 12/ 26/ 6: 08: 38 PM. Army issue in original box. According to my Tube Caddy substitution book dated 1967 you datasheet can use in place of a 6SK7 - > 6AB7 6AC7, 6SH7 , 6SG7 6SJ7 with no problem. The two types are essentially datasheet similar except for grid. 6sh7 6sh7 6sj7 6sj7 6sj7 6sj7 6sj7 6sj7 6sj7gt 6sj7gt 6sk7 6sk7 6sk7 6sk7 6sk7 datasheet 6sk7 6sk7g 6sk7g 6sh7 6sk7gt 6sk7gt 6sl7gt 6sl7gt 6sl7gt 6sl7gt 6sl7wgt. electron Tube Data sheets - Type index. ElectronTubeStore. Tube 6SK7 6sh7 Röhre 6SK7 ID2717, Vacuum Pentode Octal ( 6sh7 Int. Both 6SH7 6sh7 6SG7 have dual cathode lead- outs to minimise the risk of self- oscillation due to parasitic coupling between input output circuits 6sh7 caused by common impedance in series with the cathode.

6SH7 datasheet circuit , cross reference application notes 6sh7 in pdf format. 6sn7 datasheet circuit , cross reference application notes in pdf format. The most accurate method to test tubes the curve plots can actually be compared to the printed examples for each tube type that appear in the manufacturer technical data sheets books. Abstract: 6sn7gtb 6SH7 6SN7 6SN76TB 30- FRAME rs tube 6sh7 Text:. Type 6SH7 is a ' straight' pentode datasheet while Type 6SG7 has a variable- pitch grid , giving it a vari- μ characteristic would be suitable for the IF strip of 6sh7 radar receivers incorporating ' swept gain'. Svetlana EF86 High- Performance Audio Small- Signal Pentode he Svetlana EF86 is a glass envelope miniature pentode intended for high- quality audio preamplifier service.

The Svetlana EF86 is. I have to admit it Frosts me as to WHY! 6sh7 tube datasheet. I just datasheet currently finished a tube preamp using a 6SN7 dual- triode Mullards, I' ve heard of really good NOS datasheet tubes to use, like the RCA red base, other various tubes, but these are usually expensive. Octal USA 1935 , IO) datasheet K8A RF/ IF- Stage shown.

select the first character of the tube. The thin metal tube envelope is 25 mm in diameter excluding the IO base pins is 51 mm tall. Discussion in ' Amps/ 6sh7 Cabs Tech Corner: Amplifier, Cab & Speakers' started by Dr. Tested working and guaranteed 30 days. Tweedbucket May 23 . If you are looking for a 6L6 tube, just go to the 6KM8 - 6R7 Tube Types category.

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6SN7 is a dual triode vacuum tube with an 8- pin octal base. It provided a medium gain ( 20). The 6SN7 is basically two 6J5 triodes in one envelope. 03 tube data 3b22 3b24w 3b28 4bb 869b a207 a235 a237 a239 a292 a296 ah200 ah205 ah211 ah211a ah213 ah221 ah238.

6sh7 tube datasheet

Greetings, I' m trying to make sense of my newly acquired Eico 667 Tube Tester. The seller advised me to read through the manual before testing any tubes and to make sure I do not perform a Merit test if the tubes do not pass the leakage testes. Driver is 6SH7( Mesh) Hitachi and Power is Mazda PEN45.